Food and Drink – For your Pleasure

Enjoy lunch or dinner in our spacious restaurant. We offer traditional fare and superior cuisine, both rooted in the local Baden tradition of fine cooking. Whatever the occasion, the kitchen at the “Krone” can offer the appropriate meal. Locally grown produce and meat from our own family butcher are essential for our freshly prepared food.

Our wine selection is also based on local produce, focussing on vineyards from the nearby Baden regions of Ortenau and Weingarten.

An excerpt of our Menu:


Beef broth with regional meat dumpling
EUR 4,20
Beef broth with swabian filled Pasta Cases
EUR 4,50
Pumpkin/Cravy Soup with Austrian Pumpkin oil
EUR 4,50
Smoked Blackforest Trout.
Cranberry horseradish cream, Salad bouquet
EUR   8,00
Leaf Salads with marinated Cap of Rump
Tomato-Shallot-Salad dressing,
White Bread
EUR   9,50
Carpaccio of Fillet beef with Parmesan shavings,
Salad bouquet
EUR 11,00
Lamb´s Lettuce with grilled ham and croutons
EUR 7,00



Turkey in Herbalsauce,
served with rice and side salad
EUR 15,00
Cordon Bleu, Kalbschnitzel
mit Schinken und Käse gefüllt, Kartoffelkroketten
Salate der Saison
EUR  17,80
Fillet beef steak served with vegetables,
potatoe croquettes
EUR  21,50
Pork Tender Loin in Cream mushroom gravy
served with Spaetzle and side salad
EUR 16,00
Veal in chanterelle cream gravy´s served with
home made Spaetzle and mixed salad
EUR 19,80
Rumpsteak with herb butter, french fries
and tossed salad
EUR 17,00
Venison ragout with cranberries, homemade traditional
egg noodles and fresh seasonal salads
EUR 17,50
Roast venison with gravy, cranberries, homemade traditional
egg noodles and fresh seasonal salads
EUR 18,00
Speckled trout from the Eyach Valley in a
saffran sauce with tagliatelle, mixed salad
EUR 16,90
Black Forest Trout „Müllerin” style with parsley potatoes,
mixed salad
EUR 15,00

Homemade Spaetzle covered with melted cheese
with a mixed salad
EUR   9,50
Noodles with Salmon in riesling sauce
with vegetables
EUR 13,50


Cinnamon parfait on stewed plums
EUR 7.00
“Eisgugelhupf” – homemade ice-cream
with rum and raisins with fresh fruit
EUR 6,80
Black Forest Gateaux ice-cream
(vanilla and chocolate ice-cream with cherry Schnapps
and whipped cream)
EUR  7,00
Homemade Apfelstrudel with vanilla ice-cream
and whipped cream
EUR   6,00



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